Frederick, MD EP

by Killer Wail

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no you're not


released February 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Killer Wail Austin, Texas

Killer Wail is the collaboration of Craig Hrabal and Michael Kaiser.

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Track Name: Frederick, MD (Single)
On the way home
She said lets go back
I think you've lost your way

Tonight, we'll frame everything we own
Put it up on the wall
Tonight, we're maybe taking the long road

Settle down we're not composed
We're not supposed to be here

Tell me you're tired
Of being here
I guess we better go back
And we'll see what you can see and you'll be

I think this story's getting old
I'm not used to feeling sold
And then I think of the way it used to be

One more
One more single second, tonight
We'll dream the way we used to
Bout cabins and an island
In the middle of the river
One more single day
One more step away
In the middle of the river, tonight

It'll come back to you
It'll come back to you
And you'll think it's not true

Frame another picture
Throw it on the wall
With everything that you have
You're so good at that
Thinking it's so real
Track Name: Sick (Don't Look At Me That Way)
Everything I said
It was all just a joke
Begging to say
We were sincere

We did what we could
It hits me in the gut
I think I made it clear
Stop saying you're wrong

Don't look at me that way
I'm sick and feeling like I
Don't wanna stop
You're asking too much of me

Then it was 8 o'clock
You were drinking that beer
When you told me
All this was not real
What the hell was I supposed to do?

Chasing you down the street that night
I learned wrong from right
What's real and what's not
Stop telling me
What's real and what's not