Killer Wail EP

by Killer Wail

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This is the self-titled third Killer Wail EP, recorded between January 2014-February 2014.

Mike Kaiser - Music
Craig Hrabal - Vocals

Music was recorded in Summit Point, WV and Frederick, MD.
All vocals recorded in Morgantown, WV.


released February 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Killer Wail Austin, Texas

Killer Wail is the collaboration of Craig Hrabal and Michael Kaiser.

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Track Name: Just Another Blade of Grass
like the things your lawyers said
we've got a lot of work to do

breeze, just another sight to see
just another way
to mow your grass
and freak and feel
like this aint gonna last
it's gonna be a bloodbath
we won't get off so easy

just another blade of grass
dancing in the sun
taking in the rain
show me how you live

i met a man he said he had the key
to get you out of this mess
you've locked yourself in
and end that love and misery
he couldn't remember where it was

just another blade of grass
dancing in the sun
burning in the heat
why don't you show me how you live
Track Name: God Knows It's Never Enough
wanna wait for me to go?
and see that we're on the losing end
some may come and
some may go
in the factory downtown

and what about that is so profane?
i've gotta quit my day job
selling postcards

Save me from the truth i know
that I could never do that

all that I need
alittle liberty
I gotta pick my dreams
right off the ground
and say you've gone too far

on the right road
goin some place
I don't know
its gonna change me
and open up my eyes

i don't know if i
have the guts
to walk out the door
wake up in another timezone

think of all the time spent
that we don't remember
think of all the time spent
that we cant save

We can't save the weekend

Drank a quart of wine
the other night
it spilled out on the ground
turned the carpet a crazy color

i guess it's time to wake up
get out and see the world
when the weekends over

baby i'm searching for
just to find a way to get by real fast
im just trying to make this last
god knows its never enough
oh no


the weekend's over
Track Name: Let's Pick Apart Our Minds
Verse 1:
I'm digging a hole
Straight into the ground
I'm losing that bet
You're losing me now
Get ahold of yourself
You've got so much to lose

Pre Chorus 1:
Let's pick apart our minds
Let's pick apart our minds
See what we might find

Verse 2:
You suggested this place
I didn't even get a taste of
You got it figured out
Like someone lacking doubt
Like you

Pre-Chorus 2:
Let's pick apart our minds
Let's pick apart our minds
See what we might find

Cause I'm all out of luck
I guess you've caught me off guard
I guess I'm trying my best
I guess I don't wanna quit tonight

Let's pick apart our minds
see what we might find
God, we'll see what we might find
And then he told me
I wasn't thinking right
It's a beautiful reason
to stay up all night