Indian Corn

by Killer Wail

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Tracks 1 - 4 were recorded in the 24 hour room at Shepherd University during Spring Break of 2013 .

Tracks 5 - 12 were recorded in Summit Point, WV, Morgantown, WV, and Frederick, MD at various times during the winter of 2013.

Indian Corn is that red and brown corn thats really stiff and hard to eat. It is also the name of this Killer Wail record.


released December 25, 2013

Craig Hrabal: Vocals

Michael Kaiser: Music



all rights reserved


Killer Wail Austin, Texas

Killer Wail is the collaboration of Craig Hrabal and Michael Kaiser.

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Track Name: I'm A Corporate Man, Now
I'm sure you're gonna love me
But you said you've gotta find a reason to
Just feed me to the birds
I'm lost I've heard
but you won't give me reasons to change who I am

Up here
You can't touch me
Up here where I'm always smiling
And in a week or two
I'm come down
and see the world for what it is

Sometimes a reason to take off my shoes
Sometimes a reason to be embarassed to
But, Jesus, I'm tired of reasons at all
and what's a reason without something to do.

Here with the leaves,
The fog
The trees
and goddamn, you're not one of them
And though your eyes might shine like the sun
I'm afraid I can't see them anymore

So pass me by
ooooooh, I'm a corporate man now
oooooooooh, I guess I've seen the world
ooooooh, just pass me by
Or tell me to go

If I'm dying
Then dig me a hole
Cause I'm not dying if i'm living here
It's a shame that you can't see.
Track Name: Being Honest
Are you tired of the crude remarks?
Would you like me to be less cryptic?

I don't wanna lose you.

We're locked up here
Bound to lose
We've gone so far from the truth
A word from me to you

Sitting in the sandbox tellin you the truth
Sandbox truth
I'm boiled up
Another Friday night alone

On a bridge to nowhere
Sometime soon
All of my thoughts are in the news x 4

One step over the edge,
One step over the edge
Let's get back to basics
How's that feel?
How's that feel?

I can be honest when I want to be
The government's taking all of my money

Go back to your hometown
Another Friday night alone

From where I'm standing
my sandbox is the best place
to read the news
Track Name: Social Grace and Alcohol
The colors in your hair
Rushing down your lips is all it took
To start making sense
Social grace has got me so confused

Paint a picture with
the blue in your eyes
Let it drip and fall to the ground

Imagine in another way
These summer days
We drift away
Stop telling me
Nobodys listening
I don't believe you

Want to get away?
Right now
it seems like all we can do
You gotta stop
Wearing all of that makeup

I want to be around
When somebody breaks your heart
I hope it's not me

On a rainy day
You're driving me
Driving me
Driving me

To a place
Where we can start over
I don't know if I want to
Watch the breeze
Tug on your coat

The SUN makes your skin shimmer....

I can't believe you
Melted my eyes
We can't consume
All of this social grace and alcohol

You drink it down

I never knew you were a killer
It kills me
That you can't come clean
The skys just an apple and
We're just two seeds

and it burns x 30

Stop moving so slow
You better stop
Wearin all that makeup
And it kills me to know
The sun's going down

Look at the SUN.
Track Name: I Don't Burn That Bright. Anymore.
She took a ride,
Hope it's not that way
All right
All eyes on me again
I wish that I'd win tonight

With so much
More then I wanted in
More than I wanted out so

But, ah,
so what?
I'm thinking about you
So what?

The look on your face tonight
Says we could go anywhere
At anytime
I don't think so
I don't think so

But so what?
(We're so far apart)
I guess you better write your number down.

I heard the bell ring
It's just my time
I heard the bell ring
It says I'm not that much
into thinking this is real

Like to do it as I go
I don't think we're catching on
I don't think we're catching on

Tonight we can be
as big as two giants
in a heavy
Looks like we're coming clean

And we can burn as bright
We can stay the night
You'll wake up
I won't say what I was thinking
(I heard the bell right it's just my time I heard the bell ring)

On and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on

We could spend the night
It's turned out so much right

We're not shining anymore

I tried it out
I don't burn that bright.
Not like we used to
Not like we used to

The fire burned out
The fire burned out
It used to burn so bright

Looks like we better get used to it
This is the way it is.
Track Name: I Wish I'd Stayed
I guess I've made up my mind
To sit alone and waste all my time
And you you told me
That wasn't right

You said I've gotta get back to who I am

I wish I'd stayed
I didn't wait for you
I wish I'd stayed
I didn't wait for you

You, you said,
I gotta learn to spend my money
On a job
A guitar, I'll go real far
I don't think you know

You said
That's the way that life's supposed to be
Where's your career?
Where are you going?
(You gotta stop doing all those drugs)

You better be what I want you to be

Still, I wish I'd stayed
I didn't wait for you
In this crooked dream
What did you expect me to do?

I don't wanna stay anymore

Wish there was a better way
I'd sit around and wait for you
In this crooked dream
I'd sit around and wait for you

What do you want me to be?
Track Name: All Too Late
Get over it
Ya gotta
Get over it

Maybe you're just freaking out
Maybe you're just freaking out about
How this will end

It's all too late to figure it out
It's all too late to figure it out
Got a feeling something's snatching me up
And we're just cooling down

There's gotta be
Something better
There's gotta be
Something I can hold on to

Take me down the road a while
To a place I remember well
We found some faith in God
And we never came back

I gotta get this off my mind
Track Name: Sick (Don't Look At Me That Way)
Everything I said
It was all just a joke
Begging to say
We were sincere

We did what we could
It hits me in the gut
I think I made it clear
Stop saying you're wrong

Don't look at me that way
I'm sick and feeling like I
Don't wanna stop
You're asking too much of me

Then it was 8 o'clock
You were drinking that beer
When you told me
All this was not real
What the hell was I supposed to do?

Chasing you down the street that night
I learned wrong from right
What's real and what's not
Stop telling me
What's real and what's not